Around two weeks back, a reader of my blog posed a question regarding which factory produces the superior replica of the 114060 Submariner, Clean or VS. I asserted that both factories offer the same quality for the 114060 model, but my response was met with skepticism. Subsequently, the reader inquired about the best replica of the 124060 Submariner. At that time, I recommended Clean, as VS had not yet introduced their version of the 124060. When it comes to the 114060 Submariner replica, I favor Clean, primarily because they were the first in our market to produce this model, whereas VS entered the scene later. Notably, the 3135 movement utilized by both factories shows no discernible differences.

However, just a few days ago, VS made an announcement regarding the release of their Replica 41mm Submariner No Date 124060. Consequently, if you were to ask me now which factory produces the superior replica of the 124060, I would endorse VS. This shift in recommendation stems from the superior quality of the movement offered by VS in their latest release.

The VS 124060 boasts a 3230 movement, derived from the custom-made 3235 by VS. This 3230 movement shares the impressive 72-hour power reserve characteristic of its predecessor. This enhancement is the primary factor behind the higher price tags of VS Datejust and 41mm Submariner compared to those from Clean. As for the 40mm Submariner, there’s no need for confusion; Clean and VS offer replicas of equal quality for this model. However, when it comes to the green Submariner 116610LV, I solely recommend the version crafted by Clean. Presently, the custom-made 3230 and 3235 movements are exclusively supplied to VS, further justifying the premium prices of their Datejust and 41mm Submariner models.

When it comes to the black ceramic bezel, Clean is renowned for producing the finest ceramic bezels for the Submariner, a fact widely acknowledged in the community. Interestingly, VS has recently started using ceramic bezels sourced from Clean as well. However, it remains unclear whether VS utilizes the latest iteration of the ceramic bezel. Previously, there were numerous critical issues surrounding the ceramic bezels of the Submariner, including concerns about the finish of the pearl, the bezel markers, and the coating. However, the prevalence of discussions about these issues seems to have dwindled significantly today. What are your thoughts on this development?

The Submariner stands out as an excellent choice for beginners venturing into the realm of replica watches. Its design presents no significant technical challenges, allowing most manufacturers to craft impeccable replicas. Moreover, 1:1 Super Submariner replicas consistently receive minimal complaints from clients, solidifying their reputation as among the finest replicas closely resembling genuine timepieces.

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