VS factory announced the release of their new Air King replica watch a few weeks ago, and now it is finally available. In the past, VS did not have a true super clone 3230 movement; their Oyster Perpetual Rolex replicas used their well-known 3235 movement. However, these replicas had a date adjustment position on the crown, making it clear they were not genuine 3230 movements. The new 3230 movement, developed independently by VS factory, resolves this issue entirely. This super clone 3230 is distinct from the 3235 also produced by VS and is the best 3230 you can find on the market.

For the Rolex Air King 126900 replica, two other manufacturers, JVS and Clean, also produced it. They both use the Shanghai 3230 movement, unlike the super clone 3230 from Dandong, which boasts a longer power reserve of over 70 hours. While the movement in the VS version is superior, offering better stability and longer power reserve, the Clean version is still notable. In comparing the bracelets, the Clean version has a superior stainless steel bracelet, reportedly made by the same OEM that previously supplied AR. In contrast, the VS version’s bracelet has slightly loose links. Finally, I will share some pictures of the VS 126900.

VS factory has truly made significant strides with the development of their super clone 3230 movement. The ability to independently create a movement that closely replicates the original is an impressive feat, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and precision. This development not only sets a new standard in the replica market but also positions VS factory as a leader in producing high-quality timepieces.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how other manufacturers respond to VS factory’s advancements. The competition between JVS, Clean, and VS will likely drive further improvements and innovations, ultimately benefiting consumers with more accurate and reliable replica watches. The attention to detail and continuous efforts to enhance both movement and design underscore the dedication of these manufacturers to meet the high expectations of watch enthusiasts.

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