Before introducing this replica Rolex watch, there is an important update in our market: EW factory has shut down and it doesn’t seem like they will be returning anytime soon. This is a significant loss because EW factory consistently provided high-quality replica Rolex watches at reasonable prices. Their famous Oyster Perpetual Rolex with the Tiffany blue dial was even more popular than those made by VS and Clean. Now that they’re gone, we hope EW can resolve their issues and return to us soon.

The most talked-about news lately is the release of the Daytona 126500. Both BT and VS have recently introduced their versions of the Daytona 126500, powered by the Dandong 4131 movement. About a month ago, BT offered special prices on their Daytona replicas, which led me to believe they might halt production. However, I was mistaken as they have now released new replicas of the 126500 Daytona, including the black and white models.

Several factories are currently producing replicas of the new Daytona 126500, including AR+, QF, ZF, Clean, BT, and VS. AR+ was the first to manufacture the replica 126500 Daytona, but for some reason, their Rolex replicas are not very popular. If you’re looking to buy the best 126500 Daytona replica, I recommend choosing from Clean, BT, or VS.

The BT Daytona uses the Dandong 4131 movement, the same as in the VS Daytona. Despite some claims that the Dandong 4131 is exclusive to VS factory, this is not true. However, the Dandong 4131 is not as good as the Dandong 4130 used in the Daytona 116500. For those considering purchasing the new Daytona 126500 replica, my advice is to wait. If you need to buy one now, Clean should be your first choice, followed by BT.

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