Rolex has long reigned as the most coveted brand in the watch industry, a sentiment mirrored in the realm of replica timepieces. Among its illustrious lineup, the 1:1 super clone Submariner model holds a special allure, revered as the quintessential diver’s watch. Anyone acquainted with Rolex is familiar with the Submariner, and those seeking to acquire one often gravitate towards the 116610LN model. With nearly a decade of experience in the replica watch business, I’ve witnessed the evolution of replica watches and grasped the immense demand for them.

Compared to its green and blue counterparts, as well as the Sea-Dweller, the replica Rolex Submariner 116610LN exudes a sense of familiarity and boasts dimensions that resonate with most watch enthusiasts. This widespread appeal is undoubtedly the primary catalyst behind its status as the premier choice. Today, I’ll be reviewing its superior replica crafted by the Noob factory in 2016, marking the seventh iteration, affectionately dubbed the V7 Submariner 116610LN.

Upon laying eyes on this replica, one is immediately captivated by its unparalleled quality, evoking a sense of authenticity that is truly remarkable. Possessing a substantial weight, the replica watch exudes a luxurious feel akin to its genuine counterpart, boasting impeccable texture and craftsmanship. It remains a best-seller, consistently in high demand and readily available. While I hope for continued improvements in subsequent iterations, I struggle to discern any flaws in the current model before me.

The case measures 40mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness, featuring a brushed steel finish on both the case and bracelet. Every facet of the case is meticulously polished, mirroring the proportions of the genuine 116610LN. Notably, the factory manager’s penchant for attending prestigious watch exhibitions like Baselworld has proven invaluable, as he meticulously dissects and studies genuine Rolex watches, resulting in replicas of unparalleled quality. In the case of the 116610LN, the genuine black ceramic bezel stands out as a defining feature, flawlessly executed with impeccable engravings and a matte finish that rivals the original.

The bracelet comprises solid steel links, meticulously crafted to ensure a snug fit without any noticeable gaps, a hallmark of high-end replicas. As for the movement, the Noob factory offers two options: the reliable ETA 2836 or the super clone 3135, developed three years prior, renowned for its accuracy and smooth winding experience. Personally, I prefer the 3135 for its enhanced comfort during winding.

While numerous other enhancements have been implemented by the factory, I’ll have to save those details for another time. For now, I bid you goodnight, and I look forward to sharing more insights into top-quality replica Rolex watches in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

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