This watch certainly evokes curiosity; while I’ve seen transparent watches before, the inclusion of imagery, such as the depiction of the little prince on the dial, gives it a distinctively playful vibe. Personally, I’m not drawn to this 1:1 super replica Rolex style. For me, the Submariner embodies a sporty yet versatile design that can seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings. However, the addition of a childlike motif on the dial doesn’t resonate with my aesthetic sensibilities; it seems more suited to a younger audience, akin to a novelty or toy watch.

Crafted by KZ factory, known for producing a range of watches including Rolex Cellini, this particular model stands out with its custom-made transparent case and whimsical blue-sky dial, imparting a somewhat enchanting aura.

Constructed entirely from acrylic, the replica’s material choice raises concerns about durability, as any scratches would mar the entire case’s appearance. Interestingly, some dealers advertise the case as being composed of a “composite material,” though in reality, it appears to be the more economical acrylic. Despite this, KZ factory prices the watch at over 480 USD, a considerable sum for what seems like a relatively inexpensive material choice.

With a diameter of 40mm, the case’s thickness measures a hefty 16mm, which may not appeal to everyone’s tastes. It’s doubtful whether KZ could effectively reduce the replica’s thickness without compromising other aspects of its construction. At this thickness, it surpasses the dimensions of many Panerai watches.

Examining the case back reveals glimpses of the movement, featuring golden engravings reminiscent of the genuine Rolex 3135 movement, complete with the distinctive “3135” SEAL.

A quick glance reveals that the case appears more transparent than the surrounding bezel, creating an illusion that the four lugs almost vanish, giving the watch an overall rounded appearance. The dial itself is indeed enchanting, with the little prince depicted beneath a starry blue night sky, aligning perfectly with the magical theme that PhantomLab has imbued into this timepiece.

On another note, KZ factory has released nine models of the Submariner PhantomLab edition, each featuring different dial styles and boasting a quality 3135 movement. However, despite these selling points, I struggle to find a compelling reason to invest in such a whimsical timepiece. Below, you’ll find photos showcasing the various dial options available in this PhantomLab edition.

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