On my blog, I regularly receive emails from readers seeking guidance on watches and watch factories. Many are on the lookout for the best replica watches available in the market, and the abundance of watch factories mentioned in my blog often leaves them confused about which one to choose. Let me make it clear once and for all: no replica watch can be deemed perfect. Each comes with its own set of advantages and shortcomings.

In cases where a particular replica watch is produced by multiple factories simultaneously, it is advisable to opt for the version offered at a higher price. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to me via email for advice. I can assist in comparing the options and guide you towards a choice that is relatively better suited to your preferences.

Let’s delve into the details of a replica Rolex, specifically the blue Submariner 116619LB produced by VS factory in 2020. While it’s not a new model, I find it essential to share this information with you, emphasizing that despite consistently touting VS factory as the best for Submariners, perfection is not guaranteed in the realm of replica watches.

When it comes to purchasing a replica rolex Submariner, my current recommendations lean towards Clean and VS. Taking the blue Submariner as an example, both versions have their merits. Clean excels in the ceramic bezel insert, with a blue color closer to the genuine Rolex. Additionally, Clean’s bezel pearl surpasses that of VS. However, in various other aspects, especially the movement, VS outshines Clean. The blue Submariner from VS is equipped with a custom-made 3135 movement, widely regarded as the best clone 3135 in the market.

The noteworthy feature of VS’s 3135 movement lies in its meticulous craftsmanship, mirroring every detail found in a genuine Rolex 3135 movement. This may seem hard to believe, but a thorough comparison would reveal identical decorations on every movement plate. Turning our attention to the power reserve, VS’s 3135 movement has seen improvements, with reports indicating that the Submariner can operate for over 60 hours on a full wind. As the movement serves as the heart of the watch, opting for the Submariner from VS factory translates to fewer potential movement issues in the future.


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